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Kubtec® offers a wide range of software features and packages for the research and commercial environment. These software packages can be used of a variety of Kubtec machines for multiple applications, including 3D Imaging, Counting, Bone Mass Density using DXA and SXA technologies, and Real Time Imaging.

Software Packages

The DIGIMUS® System is a high-resolution X-ray imaging system with the ability to measure BMD and Body Composition in rodents and other small animals. Digimus uses both DEXA and SEXA technologies.

Standard Analysis Software

Measure, annotate, manipulate, resize, store, and send images with the DIGICOM® software's simple, yet powerful user interface. 

Kubtec® introduces groundbreaking multislice radiography imaging with DIGICOM® 3D Analysis Software.

With an unprecedented depth of view, DIGICOM 3D gives you imaging not achievable with 2D software.

The most versatile package for accurately and automatically counting, categorizing, and colorizing seeds, components, artifacts, and other subjects.

View X-ray imagery live, in real-time.