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Tomosynthesis System

Kubtec® introduces groundbreaking multislice radiography imaging with the PARAMETER 3D Tomosynthesis System. For scientific research, forensics, and non-destructive testing (NDT), the PARAMETER 3D offers high-quality 2D and 3D images in less than 1 minute. The 3D image gives you essential information not available with traditional 2D X-ray and eliminates the need for multi-angle views. 


The PARAMETER 3D is the only system that utilizes tomosynthesis for rapid acquisition of 3-dimensional images.

Applications Include:

  • BMD / BMC using SXA / DXA modalities

  • Non-Destructive Testing

  • Product Inspection

  • Forensics

  • Forensic Anthropology

  • Seed Counting / Seed Inspection

  • X-rays of Explosives, Art, Gems, Papers

  • Small Mammal Imaging

  • 3D Tomosynthesis

The PARAMETER 3D™ Tomosynthesis System Features:

  • High resolution tomosynthesis data set and a robust software toolkit for image analysis.

  • 5" x 6" (12  x 15 cm) detector.

  • Up to 2.3x geometric magnification for increased visibility to detect the smallest abnormalities.

  • 50 micron spot size.

  • Fully shielded.

  • Automatic exposure control based fully automated digital imaging with manual option included.

  • Integrated high-resolution optical camera for side-by-side comparisons with X-ray images.

  • Automatic calibration with zero warm up time.

  • Powerful user-friendly image analysis tools.

  • Ability to save annotated images in multiple formats.

  • Seamless interface with pathology and other third party software.

  • BMD and Body Composition Software option.

  • Fully mobile for easy transportation.

  • Data portable to SolidWorks.

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