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The XPERT  160

Cabinet X-ray System


The XPERT® 160 Cabinet X-ray System from Kubtec®. This multi-purpose cabinet X-ray system brings high quality medical-grade imaging and ease of use to applications in scientific research, pathology and industry.

Applications Include:

  • Non-Destructive Testing

  • Manufacturing Component Imaging

  • Forensic Imaging

  • X-rays of Explosives, Art, Gems, Papers

  • Mammal Imaging

The XPERT  160 Cabinet X-ray System Features:


  • Detector size up to 16" x 16"

  • Wide range of X-ray sources to fit application

  • AEC based fully automated digital imaging with manual option included

  • Automatic calibration with zero warm-up time

  • Stainless steel interior with multiple portals and vent fans

  • Up to 5X geometric magnification

  • High-resolution optical camera

  • Laser centering guide

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