Are you looking to replace your Faxitron® MX-20 for small animal X-ray? Cabinet X-ray systems by KUBTEC® are a direct replacement, providing researchers the opportunity to track structural changes in small animals by using high resolution X-ray imaging and DEXA technology.

Small animal X-ray imaging systems allow researchers and scientists to see the finest details of the small animal bones and tissues, allowing them to make observations that would otherwise be impossible. Our in-vivo cabinet X-ray systems can help collect powerful datasets for longitudinal studies and our optional anesthesia port makes continuous anesthesia easy.

KUBTEC’s proprietary DIGIMUS® BMD software measures bone mineral density (BMD) and bone mineral content (BMC), in mice using DEXA technologies. DIGIMUS automatically calculates BMD, BMC, and the percentage of lean and fat tissue for the whole body. The DIGIMUS also has a tool for calculating fat area, tissue area, BMD and body composition for multiple regions of interest (ROI).

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