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Non-Clinical X-ray Cabinet System?
Four key Faxitron products have been declared End of Life (EOL). The products are - UltraFocus (Faxitron Pro), UltraFocus-XL (Faxitron Pro+), Faxitron MX-20 and UltraFocus-DXA. Their manufacturer* will not be providing any alternative systems or after-sales service. Therefore, it's time to evaluate other X-ray technologies available for your research.

Our Product Range

Since 2005, KUBTEC® has been dedicated to offering a lineup of innovative 2D and 3D X-ray imaging systems designed to meet the diverse needs of scientific research. From the PARAMETER® to the advanced XPERT® 80-L, our portfolio includes products that are a direct alternative to those approaching EOL. Plus, our DIGIMUS® software for comprehensive DXA/DEXA body composition analysis of small animals is an advanced alternative to the UltraFocus-DXA system.

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At KUBTEC®, we specialize in imaging solutions, dedicating ourselves to delivering top-quality products, timely software updates, and round-the-clock support to our valued customers. Explore the key specs below to discover the optimal solution for your needs.
Detector Size
5” x 6” (12 x 15 cm)
10” X 12” (23 x 29 cm)
5” x 6” (12 x 15 cm)
17” x 17” (43 x 43 cm)
10” X 12” (23 x 29 cm)
Energy Range
20-50 kV
20-90 kV
40-90 kV
130 kV (Optional)
Focal Spot
50 micron
5 micron
5 micron
Anesthesia Port
Software Package
Replacement for
MultiFocus or UltraFocus or MX-20 - DXA
UltraFocus /Pro or UltraFocus - DXA
UltraFocus XL/Faxitron Pro+
Discover the KUBTEC® Advantage
Kubtec, Trusted Globally

Trusted Globally

KUBTEC® has close to two decades of experience in preclinical imaging with a strong presence among customers spanning the North America, Europe, and Asia.

Wide range of products

Widest Product Range

KUBTEC® manufactures a range of innovative 2D and 3D X-ray imaging systems tailored to various scientific applications.

Advanced proprietory technologies

Advanced Proprietary Technologies

Advanced proprietary technologies like 3D Tomosynthesis and The Image BlenderTM help researchers visualize intricate details of their samples.

Feature rich software suite

Feature-rich Software Suite

Optional DIGIMUS® software suite for comprehensive DXA/DEXA body composition analysis of small animals: direct replacement for UltraFocus DXA System.

Upgrade to

Don't wait until your Faxitron product starts experiencing issues. If your system is becoming obsolete, we are here to help. Upgrade to KUBTEC® X-ray imaging systems today and experience superior performance, reliability, and support. Contact us now to learn more about our range of products for scientific applications and make the transition.

KUBTEC Parameter x-ray system

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Disclaimer - UltraFocus™ (Faxitron® Pro), UltraFocus-XL™ (Faxitron® Pro+), Faxitron® MX-20™, and UltraFocus™- DXA are previous trademarks that have been abandoned by Hologic® - Faxitron® and are no longer supported nor in production.