Researchers require reliable technology with high performance to investigate the effects of radiation on different types of cells, tissues and stem cells in lab experiments for scientific and preclinical studies. Scientists utilize X-ray irradiators to create immunocompromised systems to study in cell and animal models, resulting in the development of new therapies.

X-ray irradiators are also utilized by scientists to irradiate animal models to create immunocompromised systems to study and develop new therapies or for mimicking the adverse effects of cancer cells to allow researchers the ability to test novel research techniques.

KUBTEC® X-ray irradiator systems are available in sizes from benchtop to free-standing. Our XCELL® line of high-dose irradiators are powerful, safe, and reliable systems designed for applications ranging from small animal and cell irradiation in the life sciences to seed irradiation to prevent bacterial contamination in the agricultural sciences and food research.

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