High-Resolution Seed X-ray Imaging and Analysis

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Seed X-ray Imaging is essential for seed viability testing, plant conservation, genetic research and species management. With high-resolution X-ray imaging, users can determine the exact location and extent of internal defects and damage like cracks, insect infestation, and tissue deterioration in their varying agricultural applications.

At KUBTEC®, we specialize in advanced seed X-ray imaging technology designed to revolutionize agricultural research by providing unparalleled precision and clarity for the analysis and testing of seeds, enabling researchers and professionals to visualize the internal structure of seeds without damaging them. Through KUBTEC® innovative technology, researchers can non-destructively view seed morphology, pivotal in determining overall viability of their samples , determine the ability of the seed to germinate and do further seed analysis with advanced annotation tools. Ideal for agricultural applications like seeds of varying sizes, roots, small plants, etc.

Advanced Features for Advanced Assessment:

  • Disease Detection
  • Quality Control
  • Embryo size
  • Pest/Insect Identification
  • Seed Purification
  • Easy verification of empty vs filled seeds
  • Morphology and plant physiology investigation
  • Seed and Grain Irradiation

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DIGISEED® - Seed Analysis Software

The most versatile package for accurately analyzing the seed is based on different thresholds like the seed fill %, seed filter (mm2) and seed hollowness. With the DIGISEED® software, researchers can automatically get the count of seeds along with information on seed density, seed size, etc.

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DIGICOM® - Comprehensive Software Suite for X-ray Imaging and Analysis

Equipped with a feature-rich software suite

The Image Blender™

Extensive Product Range

Offering a wide array of 2D and 3D X-ray imaging solutions tailored to various life sciences applications such as rodents, fishes, etc.

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A strong presence and a track record of satisfaction among customers spanning the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Decades of Innovation

With close to two decades of experience in preclinical imaging, KUBTEC has been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge technologies like The Image Blender™.

Our Product Range

Imaging Area
Option 1 - 10” X 12” (23 x 29 cm)
Option 2 - 5” x 6” (12 x 15 cm)
5” x 6” (12 x 15 cm)
3” x 7” (7 x 12 cm)
Energy Range
Option 1: 20-90 kV
Option 2: 20-50 kV
20-50 kV
20-50 kV
Imaging Technology
3D Tomosynthesis
4 levels
3 levels
Additional Drawer
Software (Optional)
DIGISEED Seed Analysis Software
DIGISEED Seed Analysis Software
DIGISEED Seed Analysis Software

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