DIGIMUS® analysis software by KUBTEC® is a non-destructive technology that measures the bone mineral density (BMD) and body composition of mice and other small animals using DEXA technology, developed for preclinical research and scientific studies in the life sciences.

Simple, Yet Powerful User Interface
DIGIMUS is a proprietary BMD software that is automatic, simple to use, and available on KUBTEC PARAMETER and XPERT Systems. DIGIMUS automatically calculates BMD, BMC, and the percentage of lean and fat tissue for the whole body. The DIGIMUS regions of interest (ROI) tool calculates BMD and BMC for a selected area. The software has an additional option of automatic exclusion of surgical pins, and metallic ear tags from the global BMD and Body Composition measurements. An optional head exclusion box is also available for users during analysis.


  • Can perform longitudinal BMD studies using DEXA
  • Measures BMD and body composition in rodents and other small animals
  • BMD/BMC results are ready in under a minute for Global measurements

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