Ensure Continuous Support Following Faxitron® Life Sciences Imaging Systems End of Life Announcement 

In November 2023, Hologic® issued an End of Life (EOL) notice for its non-clinical cabinet X-ray systems- the UltraFocus™ (Faxitron® Pro), UltraFocus™ -XL (Faxitron® Pro+), Faxitron® MX-20, and UltraFocus™ -DXA. The notice specified that the company will not provide any alternative systems or after-sales service. This EOL put the users of Faxitron® Life Sciences Imaging Systems in a challenging situation to find a replacement that is reliable and efficient. If you have a Faxitron® Life Sciences Imaging System, it's time to evaluate other cabinet X-ray technologies available for your research.

Since 2005, KUBTEC® Scientific has been at the forefront of innovation in 2D and 3D cabinet X-ray imaging systems, offering a diverse range of products designed to meet the evolving needs of researchers, scientists, and industrial professionals.

KUBTEC® Scientific cabinet X-ray systems like the PARAMETER®, XPERT® 80, and XPERT® 80-L  include proprietary advanced features such as The Image Blender™ which allows users to overlay X-ray and optical images simultaneously, providing unparalleled image quality. With a 90 kV source (upgradeable to 130 kV) and a 17” x 17” detector, the XPERT® 80-L stands out as a powerful and adaptable X-ray solution, surpassing the performance of commercially available alternatives.

The PARAMETER® 3D and PARAMETER® Supra Cabinet X-ray systems offer advanced 3D tomosynthesis technology enabling researchers to visualize their samples in 1 mm increments. Users span a variety of applications- from those analyzing small animals for pre-clinical research to those performing seed imaging for the agriculture industry. KUBTEC® Scientific’s cabinet X-ray systems provide high-resolution X-ray imaging and analysis features for a variety of application spaces, packaged within a portable unit.

KUBTEC® Scientific offers qualified alternatives for existing Faxitron® Life Sciences Imaging Systems.  Those system users are at a critical moment and need to consider their future research capabilities. When essential research tools reach obsolescence, the following questions need to be considered:

It is important to be forward-thinking about these risks to your research. Do not wait for your product to experience a malfunction or failure. Now is the time to be proactive and take the steps necessary to mitigate these risks. Make the transition to a KUBTEC® Scientific system today and experience:

Avoid unnecessary downtime- if your system is becoming obsolete, our dedicated team is here to assist you during the transition process. Upgrade to KUBTEC® X-ray imaging systems today and experience the superior performance, reliability, and support that set KUBTEC ® apart. Visit our website for more product information and to see examples of the KUBTEC® systems’ imaging capabilities. Our team will gladly support you throughout this transition. Schedule an application call today.

Alternatives to Faxitron® non-clinical X-ray imaging systems
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