The KUBTEC® PARAMETER® Supra is a first in its class cabinet X-ray system designed for preclinical and scientific studies, with multislice radiography, a powerful 90 kV source, and a large integrated viewing screen.

The PARAMETER Supra comes with the largest detector of the series 10" x 12" (23 x 29 cm) and provides 3D images for life sciences, NDT, and forensic applications. The system is one of the most comprehensive cabinet X-ray system available, offering both 3D and 2D imaging capabilities. The proprietary auto magnification feature takes the guesswork out of sample magnification and eliminates the use of manual Mag trays. The PARAMETER Supra enables researchers to view samples in 1 mm slices and drives the development of new and innovative medical solutions.

PARAMETER® Supra Tomosynthesis System

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