DIGICOM® 3D software by KUBTEC® is utilized for acquiring high-resolution 3D images of a given sample, offering multi-slice X-ray imaging which provides an unprecedented depth of view; DIGICOM 3D provides compelling visual detail to presentations, reports, and grant applications.

See All the Details With 3D
It provides users with 1 mm digital X-ray slices of specimens. By utilizing 3D tomosynthesis technology, users have increased visibility into the overall detail of the specimen analysis by adding another perspective. This means you can clearly see your region of interest independently of any obstructions or densities above or below it. Used with The PARAMETER® 3D and PARAMETER® Supra System.


  • KUBTEC’s proprietary K-View® feature gives you a more enhanced 3D image by compiling all the 1mm digital 2D slices
  • Annotation features can provide you with a variety of tools ranging from a ruler for measuring regions of interest to arrows for highlighting specific areas and more

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