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August 29, 2023

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KUBTEC Unveils XCELL 180 Benchtop Cell Irradiator: Revolutionizing and Redefining ResearchKUBTEC Unveils XCELL 180 Benchtop Cell Irradiator: Revolutionizing and Redefining Research

KUBTEC® Scientific (Kub Technologies Inc), a leading digital X-ray imaging and irradiation system manufacturer, launched the latest advancement in benchtop irradiation systems - the XCELL® 180 X-ray Irradiator. This innovative irradiator was showcased for the first time at the International Congress for Radiation Research (ICRR) on 27th August 2023 in Montreal, Canada. It offers high energy, higher penetration, and an array of exclusive technologies in a benchtop format, delivering unmatched performance and convenience to help researchers obtain high-quality scientific results.

Vikram Butani, CEO, KUBTEC said, "The XCELL® 180 revolutionizes cell-focused scientific research. Not only have we raised the standard by offering an unmatched energy level of 180 kV in the benchtop space, but we have also introduced a range of other innovative, proprietary technologies."

Amongst the many innovations is the high-resolution live feed. With a click of a button, researchers can access a live view of their samples, remotely monitor their experiments through a mobile app from anywhere, and receive real-time status notifications. This not only minimizes downtime but increases efficiency and provides peace of mind, allowing researchers to focus on their work.

Achim Schefczik, CEO and Founder, OncoMed-Solutions GmbH, said, "This technology is a game changer for irradiation research. Its design is sleek and compact. Customers will look forward to using this system to further their cell, tissue, and small animal research. No other system can offer the combination of features, improved workflows, and exclusive technology found in the XCELL 180."


KUB Technologies, Inc. is a minority, woman-owned business founded in 2005, and headquartered in Stratford, Connecticut. We are a progressive research and technology company dedicated to designing innovative and proprietary tools that include digital cabinet X-ray imaging and irradiator systems.

Our diverse range of applications includes life sciences imaging and irradiation for small animals and cells, agricultural and forestry sciences imaging, and other industrial applications developed for academic, government, and industrial institutions. For more information about the new XCELL 180 system and other products, please contact Kat Young, Scientific Business Unit Director at kyoung@kubtec.com.

Visit our website at https://www.kubtecscientific.com/

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