The Hydrogen Storage Nanomaterial MgH2 Improves Irradiation induced Male Fertility Impairment by Suppressing Oxidative Stress.

Male mice were treated with X-ray irradiation using the KUBTEC XCELL 225 to assess irradiation-induced male fertility impairment and hydrogen storage nanomaterial MgH2.

Objective: This study aimed to reveal the protective effect of hydrogen storage nanomaterial MgH2 on radiation induced male fertility impairment.

Methods: The characterization of MgH2 were analyzed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and particle size analyzer. The safety of MgH2 were evaluated in vivo and in vitro. The radioprotective effect of MgH2 on the reproductive system were analyzed in mice, including sperm quality, genetic effect, spermatogenesis, and hormone secretion. ESR, flow cytometry and western blotting assay were used to reveal the underlying mechanisms.

Results: MgH2 had an irregular spherical morphology and a particle size of approximately 463.2 nm, and the content of Mg reached 71.46%. MgH2 was safe and nontoxic in mice and cells. After irradiation, MgH2 treatment significantly protected testicular structure, increased sperm density, improved sperm motility, reduced deformity rates, and reduced the genetic toxicity. Particularly, the sperm motility were consistent with those in MH mice and human semen samples. Furthermore, MgH2 treatment could maintain hormone secretion and testicular spermatogenesis, especially the generation of Sertoli cells, spermatogonia and round sperm cells. In vitro, MgH2 eliminated the [·OH], suppressed the irradiationinduced increase in ROS production, and effectively alleviated the increase in MDA contents. Moreover, MgH2 significantly ameliorated apoptosis in testes and cells and reversed the G2/M phase cell cycle arrest induced by irradiation. In addition, MgH2 inhibited the activation of radiation-induced inflammation and pyroptosis.

Conclusion: MgH2 improved irradiation-induced male fertility impairment by eliminating hydroxyl free radicals.

Jing Ma, Suhe Dong, Hongtao Lu, Zhongmin Chen, Huijie Yu, Xuejun Sun, Renjun Peng, Wei Li, Sinian Wang, Qisheng Jiang, Fengsheng Li, Li Ma.

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