The KUBTEC® XCELL® series of X-ray irradiators with optional cabinet X-ray imaging are versatile and powerful machines with applications in small animal and cell research, as well as agriculture and forestry sciences.

KUBTEC’s full-size, free-standing X-ray irradiator systems offer a large chamber size with room to efficiently irradiate the widest range of samples. It is used to irradiate organic and inorganic specimens and material components. The KUBTEC XCELL freestanding irradiator systems are available in three models: XCELL 160, XCELL 225, and XCELL 320. Additionally, our systems can be equipped with a radiographic detector to provide two additional imaging interfaces and capabilities: high-resolution X-ray imaging and high-definition optical imaging.

XCELL® Free-Standing X-ray Irradiator Systems

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